[kdepim-users] problems with AddressBook

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Mar 26 09:19:11 GMT 2010

On Thursday 25 March 2010 20:11:20 John Aldrich wrote:
> On Thursday 25 March 2010, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Thursday 25 March 2010 18:17:32 John Aldrich wrote:
> > > Ingo, I can see where I have added it to my address book, "Personal
> > > Contacts," but I have no "title" for it, so naturally, it doesn't show
> > > up in a search.
> > 
> > So you are saying that you can see the address, but it doesn't yet have
> > a name?  If that's so, doesn't highlighting it then right-click give
> > you the option to edit it?
> In the "to:" lookup? Yeah, right! It is fine in KAB, but not in the default
> address list that comes up from clicking on "select."
So you are asking it to search for a non-existent name?  Go into the 
addressbook and fix the name.

If it has a name in your addressbook but you can't see it in the Select 
dialog, then you have not set your default to see thae same addressbook.  
Again, the instructions are on the userbase kaddressbook page, as I have told 
you many times.

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