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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Mar 29 20:08:48 BST 2010

On Monday 29 March 2010, Art Alexion wrote:
> By the way, where are recent addresses stored.  They seem to be
> available all of the time.  Is there a way to copy or move recent
> addresses to a more permanent addressbook?  How is "recent" defined?
>  Can I change that?

KMail stores the list of recent addresses in its config file (kmailrc).

There's no easy way to move those addresses to a more permanent address 
book, but you can open a dialog showing all recent addresses via "Edit 
Recent Addresses..." in the context menu of the address input fields in 
the composer.

The number of recent addresses is limited to 40 by default. You can 
change this limit (for example to 100) by adding the line

Maximum Recent Addresses=100

to the [General] section of kmailrc.

Alternatively, instead of editting kmailrc manually you can run the 
following command:

  kwriteconfig --file kmailrc --group General \
    --key "Maximum Recent Addresses" 100

Note: You better quit KMail before you make this change. Otherwise, your 
change might be overwritten by KMail.

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