[kdepim-users] Font Question

Donald F. Robertson DonaldFR at DonaldFRobertson.com
Thu Mar 11 20:02:32 GMT 2010

I am using a very small-screened computer (Sharp Netwalker) and I'd like to
get a larger font than that set in the defaults.  I'm running KOrganizer
4.2.2 under Ubuntu (9.04) and Gnome (2.26.1).  While I can change the font
of the Calendar's entries, I cannot seem to change the address book font.  

Secondly, the menu fonts and icon lables are ignoring my settings in
Preferences --> Appearance.  

Any suggestions to either problem?


-- Donald

Donald F. Robertson
San Francisco

DonaldFR at DonaldFRobertson.com

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