[kdepim-users] Limited by Ical or Vcard

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 07:48:42 GMT 2010

I am curious as to the design goals of KDE PIM. I know that the suite
is intended to be standards-compliant (I wouldn't use it otherwise)
however the standards may limit features in some cases. In these
cases, vcard custom fields can be used but of course other
applications would not handle the data in the same way. See this bug
report as an example:

That bug requests a great feature that would let the user at a glance
query to see which pizza restaurant is open on Friday at 02:30 in the
morning. Or to see which museums will be open when your old friend
comes to visit, or which pharmacy is open on Saturday when your child
is sick. Or countless other opening-hour related issues that happen in
real life.

Dotan Cohen

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