[kdepim-users] Settings for mail headers

Pascal Bernhard pascal.hasko.bernhard at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 12 20:52:39 GMT 2010

Hey all, 

somehow the header of mails I receive have changed. Via the toolbar you can 
choose your preferred header design for the message one is currently viewing, 
but I'd like to set it to a certain design generally. I can't find the option 
under KMail-Settings though. I guess this is quite easy to do, but for some 
reason I am not able to "get it".

Thanks for your help, 


Pascal Bernhard
Schwalbacher Straße 7
12161 Berlin

+49 30 857 193 41
+49 177 419 26 34

Je me regarde pour me désoler,
je me compare pour me consoler. 
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