[kdepim-users] format for/adding a certificate to ksslcalist

cl at qgenuity.com cl at qgenuity.com
Sun Jan 31 20:45:33 GMT 2010

> Yeah. I vaguely remember there being some talk about porting the
> certificate manager to KDE 4. Apparently, this never happened.
> I have found the following relevant files:
> ~/.kde/share/config/ksslcertificates
> ~/.kde/share/config/ksslcalist
> ~/.kde/share/config/ksslpolicies
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kssl/ca-bundle.crt
> I have no idea how to add a certificate to those files.

Does anyone know the proper format (or have a method for) adding a
certificate to the ksslcalist file?

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