[kdepim-users] Move message to specific folder

Pascal Bernhard pascal.hasko.bernhard at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 3 14:37:19 GMT 2010

Best wishes for 2010 for all, 

I have a question relating to managing mail when I have already opened. When 
opening a message, is there a way by  'Menu' or 'Tools' to move an email to a 
folder, not only to copy it as seems to be the case with my current 
configuration. I couldn't find a solution for that problem. It only works when 
returning to the general view and then draggging to mail in question to the 
folder, when Kmail asks me, whether to copy or move it there. That way is just 
a bit more conplicated.

Thanks for your help,


Pascal Bernhard
Schwalbacher Straße 7
12161 Berlin

+49 30 857 193 41
+49 177 419 26 34

Je me regarde pour me désoler,
je me compare pour me consoler. 
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