[kdepim-users] people's names in Contacts

Jerry Bond gbond at rochester.rr.com
Sun Jan 3 14:20:52 GMT 2010

There is a wizard for that, but even Open Office 3.1 makes this 
unnecessarily complicated and downright annoying, e.g.:


      Place the cursor at the last text position (after the last field)
      in the first label.


      Choose *Insert - Fields - Other*, and go to the *Database* tab.


      Select the type *Next record*, click on *Insert* and then on *Close*.


      You can now synchronize the labels. Click on the *Synchronize*
      *Labels* button in the small window.

I just finished a job for distribution next week, and having found  
gLabels vastly easier would recommend it to anyone over dealing with 
Open Office for this task.

On 01/03/2010 07:29 AM, Art Alexion wrote:
> On Saturday 02 January 2010 09:59:43 Peter Evans wrote:
>> it occurs
>> to me that the average Windows user is doing things more efficiently than
>> I'm doing them in (K)ubuntu. A bit of googling around suggested that the
>> combination of Kontact and gLabels would do the job next year.
> I haven't done this for years, but if I recall correctly, there is some
> database connection wizard in OpenOffice that allows you to use kaddressbook
> data without having to install gLabels, and gives you many more merge options.
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