[kdepim-users] Fwd: Re: Support for palm devices in KDE SC 4.4 and beyond?

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Sat Jan 9 14:28:13 GMT 2010

On Thursday 07 January 2010 13:04:36 Werner Joss (on behalf of Jerry bond) 
> This really is a shame.  I have  Palm Centro that syncs just fine with 
> KDE 3.5 on Debian Stable, and it has been terrific to keep a single 
> calendar and contact file.  In KDE 4.4, the handheld itself still syncs 
> all right through KPilot, but all the conduits are borked.  JPilot will 
> sync in KDE 4.3, but only with its own databases in ~/.jpilot/ without 
> any KDE integration possibility as far as I can see--and besides the GUI 
> is really ugly IMHO and unworthy of KDE4.

I am going to assume that development on kpilot has slowed because the Palm OS 
is slated to become "abandonware".  Palm is no longer putting the OS on new 
devices, and the Centro will be the last phone to use it.

The new OS is cloud based and does not support tethered syncing.  On the other 
hand, it syncs more reliably without a specific platform dependent solution 
because it syncs with the online server, and any Linux product that you have 
that syncs with the same server will sync with your Palm WebOS phone.

> I wonder how hard it would be to convert KDE's contact amd calendar 
> files to *.pdb format, in which case a simple script run as a cronjob 
> might work.  KWrite can produce *.pdb files, at least in KDE 3.5, so I 
> might try working that route one of these days.

PDB = Palm Data Base.  The pdb files that kwrite creates are palm compliant 
text or Palm Doc files, not the flat database files you want in terms of the 
PIM databases.


Art Alexion
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