[kdepim-users] kmail and kleopatra driving me krazy

cl at qgenuity.com cl at qgenuity.com
Mon Jan 25 04:42:39 GMT 2010

My email provider has created its own internal certifying authority for
the certificates used for pop3, etc. They allow you to download the
certificate in .crt format from their ssl-protected website (website
certified by a typical commercial CA), and tell you to import it into your
mail program and mark it trusted.

I installed kleopatra and imported the certificate. When I went to certify
the certificate, the option was greyed out. After hunting through
google,-I got the tip that I should put the fingerprint of the X509 key
into trustlist.txt, followed by a space and the letter "S". That appears
to have done nothing.

Is there some way that I can get kmail to trust this X509 certificate? I
have gpg and gpgsm listed as available crypto backends. I dont want to
have to go plaintext and toss out all security altogether.

Thank you.

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