[kdepim-users] spell check dictionaries

Vitor M. Pereira vmpereir at fc.up.pt
Sun Jan 10 15:26:06 GMT 2010

On Sunday 10 January 2010 at 09:34 Gene Heskett wrote:

> >On a possibly off topic, related issue, KDE apps want to print on
> > A4 instead of US Letter, by default.  Where do I change that
> > setting in KDE 4?
> That is adjustable in the print dialog that opens when you click on
>  the print icon. 

There's a long standing bug that's causing these things. In 
particular, the default settings cannot be changed:


> I'm not convinced it works all that well as I'm
>  losing 2-4 lines at the bottom of the page when I send it to a
>  brother laser.

Same happens frequently with me. Many times I have to increase the 
margin settings in the print dialog to get the entire document 
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