[kdepim-users] Support for palm devices in KDE SC 4.4 and beyond?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Jan 7 19:30:56 GMT 2010

On Thursday 07 January 2010 17:14:12 Ronny Standtke wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a Palm Treo and until several months ago I was a happy KDE user with
>  a working sync solution. After updating to Ubuntu 9.10 it just stopped
>  working. I filed some bug reports and at the end of last year I got the
>  following response:
> Quote from https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=215659#c1
> ---------------------
> Unfortunately, KPilot is unmaintained due to lack of manpower and will not
>  be part of KDE SC 4.4.
> This bug reports will now be closed.
> ---------------------
> So, what sync solution will be there for us poor Palm users? Is there any
> alternative software to KPilot? Is there any other Smartphone that can be
> synced reliably with KDE PIM in any "officially" supported way? And no, I
>  do not want to give Google all my data, thanks.
I think it was only last week that a statement appeared to the effect that 
none of the people previously involved in KPilot now use a Palm device, and 
therefore no longer do any work to that end.  It called for anyone who has an 
interest in taking on maintainership and development to step up, and offered a 
box of hardware that had been used during the development to anyone prepared 
to take on the job.  You can read about it at 

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