[kdepim-users] Re: akonadi on low-end systems

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Wed Dec 1 17:13:07 GMT 2010

Am Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010, um 17:33:53 schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> > btw., I'm also running kde 4.5.3 on my kubuntu desktop, and noticed that
> > akonadi is now started automatically upon login.
> > in former versions, this was not the case: akonadi was only started by
> > the first app that requires it, e.g. kontact.
> That's still the case but more points of usage have started to appear,
> e.g.  important dates highlighting in the calendar of the Plasma digital
> clock widget.

ok, that seems to be the 'akonadi-autostart' here too :)
(removed the clock widget from system-tray, logged out and in again: no 
akonadi running as before ...).
so, as stated before, probably no more escape from akonadi, in the near future 
but to comment again on the OP's doubts about ressources/performance:
I don't think akonadi is a big problem here.
what really makes kde4 nearly unusable on (certain) older machines, is 
graphics hardware/drivers, e.g. my old 2 GHz AMD desktop with sis onboard 
graphics is practically unusable (creepy as hell) with kde4, whereas it runs 
3,5 very well.

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