[kdepim-users] korganizer, groupdav, and egroupware

George Avrunin avrunin at math.umass.edu
Mon Apr 12 21:37:58 BST 2010

On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 21:01:25 +0200, Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at kde.org> wrote:

> Please have a look at the archive:
> http://kde.markmail.org/search/?q=egroupware list:kdepim-users#query:egroupware list:kdepim-users order:date-
> backward+page:1+state:facets
> Threads that might be of interest:
> http://kde.markmail.org/message/q3h73obopniitu5q
> http://kde.markmail.org/message/m6kn5jyhghdtm3wd
> Regards,
> Ingo

Thanks!  I had looked through the last few months of the kdepim archive,
but hadn't gone back farther than that.  Using your query, I found a
message from Christoph Kaulich from January 23, 2009, which said 

> Something broke my
> .kde4/share/config/kresources_groupwarerc
> I had to adjust the Folder lines from e.g.
> Folder0=http://server1/addressbook/,Adressbuch,Contact
> to
> Folder0=http://server1/egroupware/groupdav.php/addressbook/,Adressbuch,Contact
> Now it works again.
> Christoph 

I looked at my .kde/share/config/kresources_groupwarerc, and it also had
entries of the form 
So I changed all of them to 
following Christoph's method.  I restarted korganizer, and events and
to-dos from egroupware immediately showed up in korganizer.  An event I
then entered in korganizer and saved to the groupdav calendar showed up in

I haven't done any serious testing, but this does seem to take care of the
problem. I don't know why the malformed entries get put in
kresources_groupwarerc.  Should I file a bug report?  Where?


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