[kdepim-users] Clicking on new mail causes Index problem

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Oct 16 20:59:46 BST 2009

On Friday 16 October 2009 18:44:29 r bartlett wrote:
> >Are the folders mbox or maildir?  Maildir is better speedwise, but also if
> >something gets corrupted the rest are not at risk.
> >
> >If you have the patience you could create some new subfolders and drag
> >messages (many at a time, if appropriate) into them, ending up with more
> > but smaller mailboxes.  KMail allows nesting, for instance this folder is
> > Inbox > KDE-Lists > kde-pim, which makes it easier for searching.  I can
> > search on KDE-Lists + subfolders, or on Fedora + subfolders, for
> > instance.
> >
> >Incidentally, drag'n'drop is also the way to convert folders from mbox to
> >maildir - create the new folders, move the mail, delete any obsolete
> > folders.
> How robust is this?  It seems I'm currently barely able to drag even a
>  month (500 or so messages) without Kontact crashing, with 100 percent CPU
>  resources used.
It depends on the version you are using.  A year or so back I remember that I 
used to keep it down to 100 or so at a time, to avoid crashing.  Since then 
I've moved much bigger parcels around, but probably no more than 500 or so at 
a time.

> Can I manually create these folders using the file manager?  Or manually
>  transfer the messages once I create the empty mbox folders in Kontact?
Do you really have a strong need for mbox?  Maildir is so much better for 
large mailboxes.  Either way, create the folders within KMail.  That way you 
can be sure that everything works together correctly.

> I think part of the problem is just the size of the folder:  2.5GB, with
>  over 40,500 emails.  My other folders had the same number of emails but
>  were only half the size...1.2GB or less.
If they are mbox, that certainly would be a big problem, as mbox stores them 
all in one big text file.  Ugh!!

I use the housekeeping capabilities of KMail a great deal.  Every message that 
contains information of the kind I may want to find later, I mark 'Important'.  
Then in Configure KMail, Misc section, I set 'Exclude Important messages from 
expiry', and finally I set my folders to expire read mail after 30 days 
(remember, Important messages are staying), setting the expiry to move them to 
Trash.  Trash is set to expire messages at 60 days.

The end result is that no folder has more than around 8000 messages - although 
I do have around 75 folders. :-)

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