[kdepim-users] ssh tunneling with Kontact?

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 25 02:29:21 GMT 2009

Would anyone out there know if it is possible to use ssh (I'm guessing ssh -X, actually) to access Kontact when it is behind my firewall?

I have a computer (call it foo) behind firewall computer (bar) and I often run VNC on foo, accessing it with the simple tunnel:

ssh -L 8888:foo:5900 me at bar.mylinuxbox.net

I am having a very odd problem that I think might be VNC related and would like to run Kontact directly here on my Ubuntu notebook...but I am not sure I understand tunneling or Kontact enough.  Can I direct Kontact's output from the display to a specific port?  

I often ssh from the firewall (bar) to foo with the command:

ssh -X me at foo 

And this will bring up Kontact nicely on Bar.  So I am simply hoping to get this to work when there is an additional computer in between.

If anyone has any suggestions, thank you!!!

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