[kdepim-users] Kontact/Calendar bug?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 18 08:39:55 BST 2009

On Saturday 17 October 2009 23:58:56 r bartlett wrote:
> > I open Kontact and go to the Calendar.
> > I click "Edit" on a previously created Event.
> > I modify it and click "Apply" (or OK) and the Event disappears.
> >
> > However...it's not permanently gone!
> >
> > When I quit out of Kontact and come back in, there is the event, good
> > as new!
> >
> >>Does this also happen with a newly created calendar or just with your
> >>old calendar?
> I figured something out!!
> Perhaps Anne or someone with Fedora 11 can check if this happens to them
>  too:
> 1.  Create an _all day_ Event that spans 2 or 3 days which has no time
>  associated.  (For example, "Visiting Paris").  Close it and it pops up in
>  the Calendar.
> 2.  Now Edit it (just the text, not the time) and click "Apply."
> 3.  What's happening is that the time totally disappears!!!  It remains
>  grayed out in the actual Event editing window but on the side (the Event
>  View Sidebar window) there is no time...it's just blank, even though the
>  rest of the Event info is there.
> 4.  At this point, simply clicking OK causes the event to disappear from
>  view.  It will stay gone until the next time Kontact or Korganizer is
>  opened.
> 5.  HOWEVER...if you check the "Time Associated" box before clicking
>  "Apply", it reappears in its proper location!!!  All is well again!  This
>  box can then be _unchecked_ again and the event can be saved and remains
>  visible!!!  Even better!  (But not as nice as if it weren't happening to
>  start with...)
> This does not happen on events which were created initially with a Time
>  Associated.  They remain visible the whole time, as they should.
> So the work around is either to click and unclick the Time Associated box
>  each time I edit, OR to only create Events that have an associated time.
> Maybe others can try to recreate it?  Or perhaps it's still just something
>  strange about me or my system or the way I copied the files?
> Again, many thanks!!
Sorry, can't recreate that.  It works entirely as expected here.  I've no idea 
what's causing your problem.

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