[kdepim-users] Deleting multiple mails

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 10:48:11 BST 2009

O. Sinclair wrote:
> Ingo Klöcker wrote:
>> On Thursday 08 October 2009, O. Sinclair wrote:
>>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>>> On Thursday 08 October 2009 12:32:13 O. Sinclair wrote:
>>>>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>>>>> On Thursday 08 October 2009 11:31:42 David Jarvie wrote:
>>>>>>> I often see this behaviour - it has been a feature for me since
>>>>>>> KDE 4.2 if not earlier. My KDE is compiled from source.
>>>>>> Strange.  I've used KMail with every version since 4.0 and never
>>>>>> seen it.
>>>>>> With problems like this, where some people see it and others
>>>>>> don't, it would be really nice to find some common ground for the
>>>>>> 'problem' boxes that doesn't occur in the 'just works' boxes, but
>>>>>> it can be quite hard to do.
>>>>> It seems to happen when I have set the "filter by status" to
>>>>> "unread emails"
>>>> I would imagine that that means, in practice, that you are
>>>> selecting a range with holes in it.  I don't even know whether
>>>> that's remotely possible.  Maybe Ingo can give us some feedback on
>>>> that.
>> This has definitely been possible without problem in KDE 3. Since David 
>> wrote that it started with KDE 4.2 it's probably related to the new 
>> message list.
> The problem is not related to "holes in the list" when you use "new 
> mail" filter. It is simply a bit erratic what gets chosen when you mark 
> one mail and then point to another and use Shift+click to select a range.
Here an example:
the message list has filter "unread"
it is not quite full
the top mail has been read, the second is active
I point to the bottom one, hold down Shift and click
the bottom one gets marked but no else...
I then try to mark the top one with shift-click. That one gets marked 
but no other
I try again from the now active top one, mark the last one and Shift-click
now all mail gets marked and I delete

this is just one example, sometimes a few gets marked
say I am on "4th from the bottom of list"
I move pointer to the top email on the list (they are all unread) and 
the 4 bottom emails gets marked...
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