[kdepim-users] Deleting multiple mails

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 10:42:05 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 08 October 2009 09:50:30 O. Sinclair wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> On Thursday 08 October 2009 08:33:40 O. Sinclair wrote:
>>>> Referrering to KDE 4.3.2 and KMail 1.12.1:
>>>> when I try to mark several email in the Inbox using the pointer and
>>>> "shift" button I often get unexpected results.
>>>> An example: I am on the top email, I move the mouse pointer to an email
>>>> near the bottom of the email list, hold down Shift and click on it. My
>>>> expectation is that the the emails from the top "active" mail down to
>>>> the one indicated will be marked but often it is the ones from "the
>>>> bottom" of the window and UP to the one I am now clicking on that gets
>>>> selected. I get different results almost every time unless I mark the
>>>> whole visible window.
>>>> This refers to unread emails. If one or several in the visible list have
>>>> been read I get even more erratic results.
>>>> And I am not referring to the folder list but the "mails in folder"
>>>> window whatever it is called.
>>>> Is this the result of some settings, intentional or a bug of some kind?
>>>> Anyone knows?
>>> Sorry that I have no answers for you.  I can only say that your
>>> expectation is the correct behaviour, and the normal behaviour in kmail.
>>> Is this a recent problem, or ever since you installed kmail?  Have you
>>> checked with your distro users to see whether anyone else has a problem?
>>> That's about all I can suggest, at the moment.
>> This is a competely fresh installation, I am trying out KDE4.3.2 in
>> Kubuntu 9.10 Beta. So I have just only started using it and am a bit
>> baffled about this.
>> Will check on the Kubuntu list as well to see if it (somehow) my
>> hardware or if others share the experience.
> Of course your answer may simply be that - 4.3.2 Beta.  All the same, I'm 
> surprised by your problem.  I use 1.12.1 myself, and don't see it, so although 
> it could be a problem on your system, it could also be a distro problem.
Well as I understand it KDE 4.3.2 is not beta - however Kubuntu 9.10 is. 
To what extent that affects KMail/Kontact is unclear to me. Am checking 
on Kubuntu users list.
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