[kdepim-users] Another thought about delayed email...

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 05:40:47 BST 2009

I've been using the Kmail option that pops up a "Do you want to send your email now?" message and it's saved me a bunch of times from sending off email too soon.  The problem is that I sometimes step away from the computer quickly and forget...when I come back, hours have passed and Kmail is still waiting for confirmation.

I've seen timeouts on things like the Restart and Logout, where you click and have an option to cancel...in 60 secons or whatever it will automatically start...or you can hit the button and initiate the process immediately.

Might Kmail also have that option for the Send Email Now? query?  Whereby I could perhaps specify a 15 second window where it waits just in case I want to cancel before automatically sending the mail?  If I forgot and stepped away Kmail would still send it...but the "Oh crap, I forgot to mention about the XYZ!!!" mistakes would be less likely to occur because of the small window to cancel and re-edit the message.

I suppose this is more of a feature request...should I file this somewhere?  Is it simply too difficult to implement?

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