[kdepim-users] Sub ToDos mess up Hotsync

Frank Lienhard frank at mclien.de
Sun Oct 18 21:34:06 BST 2009

Hello there,

I use Kpilot from debian Lenny (4.9.5-3510 (elsewhere))
and a
Fossil abacus wrist PDA (PalmOS 4.1.2)

I use Sub Todos a lot. Whenever I do changes in KOrganizer everything is 
But when I do any change in a ToDo on the Palm device, I get this entry 

Korga site:
-the Original in the correct structure (e.g. 2nd level sub todo)
-a copy as top level ToDo

Palm site:
double entry toplevel (which is no surprise, because Palm doesn't kno 
sub todos)

Of course next hotsync worsens the Problem, because now we have two 
entries on the Palm which are synct plus the subtodo from the KOrga, 
wich is doubled a second time....

So is there any chance to get this working?
 From my knowledge I can't say if this is a bug or simply impossible to 

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