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whenever I open a KDE application's form, such as editing a contact in KAddressBook, the field that the cursor is on gets emptied just as the window opens.  For KAddressBook this means that the contact's name disappears.  It took a while to notice that this was happening.  I discovered the cause when I found that a number of my contacts (all the ones that I had edited recently) were missing their names.

Luckily, I found that when you open the form if you press CTRL-Z then you get the text back.

Other places that I have noticed this behavior are:
when changing the name of a KNote
when renaming a file in konqueror
when changing the font of some text in KMail's composer (the highlighted text all disappears)
and others
There are a number of KDE applications that don't seem to suffer this.  These include:
KOrganiser - I can edit an appointment without losing the text
and others

Is there anything I can do to prevent this most annoying behavior?

I'm running openSUSE 11.1 which uses KDE 4.1.3.

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