[kdepim-users] [Kde-pim] Importing vCard in KOrganizer

Jurian Sluiman subscribe at juriansluiman.nl
Tue Nov 10 14:21:50 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 10 Nov 2009 14:48:58 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> std.vcf is the default addressbook file.
> std.ics is the default calendar file.
> Jurian mixed up vcard (addressbook) and whatever format he used for
>  calendar export (probably ICAL)
> Cheers,
> Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your tip! Afaik I do have the calendar in a vcard format. I 
stripped down the file with all personal data and left only one task and one 
event inside it. That file is attached. As far as I know this file is a vcal, or 
am I wrong?

Regards, Jurian
Jurian Sluiman
CTO Soflomo V.O.F.
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