[kdepim-users] DavMail

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Nov 8 17:10:09 GMT 2009

On Sunday 08 November 2009, Art Alexion wrote:
> http://davmail.sourceforge.net
> Is anyone using this for exchange access for Kontact?
> I had been using evolution for exchange mail at work, but an upgrade
> of the exchange server from 2003 to 2007 broke that.
> Most of the davmail testing seems like it is being done on
> thunderbird, and that works for me at work.  How is the kontact
> support? Has anyone tried it?

Looks very interesting. IMAP, SMTP and LDAP should work (though I 
haven't tried), but CalDAV support in Kontact is still in development.

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