[kdepim-users] KOrganiizer and Google Calendar

John King john at kingshome.co.uk
Fri Jul 3 20:32:54 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:

> I wanted to temporarily import my korganizer calendar into google
> calendar, but have failed miserably.
> I tried importing it from the original, on my server.  I then tried
> exporting
> it to a local ical fille and importing that.  Both failed.  I thought
> maybe
> that the fact that entries hadn't been archived for years.  Archiving
> entries
> older than 1 year made no difference.  Maybe the multiple recurring
> entries?
> I removed the weekly one and a couple of monthly ones.  No difference.
> Is it actually possible to import a korganizer ical calendar?  Any hints
> or tips?
> Anne
What problems do you run into when trying to import your korganizer calendar?  
I do it quite regularly, using the std.ics file, and I've just tried exporting 
it to the default icalout.ics file and importing that, again without problems.



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