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Marc Telesha mtelesha at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 12:44:15 BST 2009

On Thursday 02 July 2009 02:55:06 am Roxane Telesha wrote:
> What's up with skype visit??? and erci sherer? and FPU..(you can 
go as a
> guest for free to one hoping a relevant one is going on near you 
check it
> out!!)recently Dave Ramsey has been on Fox News at 8-9 every 
> night!! I learned two really important things for us watching the 
DVR of it
> ..boy it is sure reat gettin g out of our mess and years of upside 
> inside out worldly thi nking about money!! We are like 2
> gazelles>>>>>beatin' that cheetah..run fast...
> Love you
> How is Z'zs infection.
> Off to bed ..Waterbury pastor's meetin g at 8 lunch with Dad and 
> friends at the SR. CTr at 11:30 and start at opffice at 1:30!!!
> Never dull moment...
> Love to all
> M(heart)m and gramama
> Dr. Roxane Telesha, Founder/Pastor: A Joy Outreach, 179 Old 
> Road, CT 06801-3045. Phone: 203/792-2335; FAX: 203/798-7068; 
> drroxane at hotmail.com
> Insert movie times and more without leaving HotmailĀ®.

I have had a million things to fix on the car. I'm going to Philly real 
soon to exchange our car with Louis and Kirsten so we can all go to 
W. Va. Pray for Nan she has small cell lung cancer and they started 
radiation yesterday to releave the pain. It's in her lungs and 
pertruding out of her lungs. Doesn't seem like she has a long time 

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