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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Thu Jul 23 18:09:01 BST 2009

Hi Bruce.

On Thursday, 2009-07-23, Bruce MacArthur wrote:

> Hello, Kevin --
> A great question that I anticipated (for myself) without answering in my
> message!  I have resisted going directly to Jaunty 100% PENDING getting
> the openSUSE stuff copied over adequately.  Therefore, at this time,
> the two distinct approaches are one and the same for me!  So we can
> consider it to be more like replacing Kubuntu's stuff with openSUSE's.
> I hope this helps (and even simplifies!) things.

It does!

If you can basically "Start from scratch" on the target machine then the 
easiest way to do that is to pack all things from the old one into an archive 
and extract it on the new one.

more or less like this

oldmachine% tar cvjf mails.tar.bz2 .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail

newmachine% rm -r .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail
newmachine% tar xvjf mails.tar.bz2

In words:
on the old machine (or on the respective parition mounted in the new one) 
create an archive containing the whole mail directory

This is basically a full backup of all mail files, indices, etc)

Then make sure the new machine's target directory is not there.
Then extract the archive, basically restoring the old machines state.

All while KMail is not running.
You might additionally copy some files from .kde/share/config, e.g. kmailrc, 
mailtransports, emailidentities


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