[kdepim-users] Character encoding in KMail

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Feb 3 22:40:52 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 03 February 2009, phep wrote:
> Ingo Klöcker a écrit :
> > Kishore's first reply in the "What happened to 'Find in message'?"
> > thread contains the character 0xA0 (in hex notation) in the quote
> > of Anne's message. I have no idea why KMail seems to have replaced
> > the two space characters in "[...] the same job.  Was [...]" with a
> > space followed by 0xA0. Could be a bug.
> In case this might help, U+00A0 is the non-breakable space. I'm not
> sure if this is the correct wording in english - and it 's to late
> tonight for me checking the Unicode's charts ;-) - but I think you
> get what I mean.
> In the original message from Anne, U+00A0 doesn't appear (there are
> two consecutive U+0020); it only appears in Kishore's reply (that's
> what khexedit tells me at least). By the way, the presence of U+00A0
> at this place is quite inconsistent with the fact that the message
> part it appears into is advertised as ISO-8859-15. In consequence it
> is not quite abnormal that Anne's KMail coughs while quoting it,
> later.
> But the question is how did U+00A0 make its way in Kishore's reply ?
> I noticed that in order to add quotation marks, Kishore's KMail
> edited the text (new wrapping and so). Would KMail be somehow
> intelligent enough to notice that the two consecutive spaces in
> Anne's original message followed a full stop and decided that the
> second one then might well be a typographic substitute for the
> "longer" space that should follow a full stop, etc., or something
> like that ?

Maybe the Qt class we use for reformatting the quoted text does this. 

> Any spell-cheker in there somewhere, Kishore ? 
> Otherwise I believe that there are some strangenesses with U+00A0 and
> U+2060 in Unicode algorithms but I doubt that QString's care about
> this and I don't think KMail uses ICU, does it ?.


> > BTW, using KMail 1.9.10, I didn't get an encoding message when
> > replying to Kishore's message and the 0xA0 did end up correctly in
> > my reply.
> Which reply of your's are you talking about ? In
> <200902031944.04790 at thufir.ingo-kloecker.de> I do see a question
> mark.

Heh. I'm talking about a reply that never left my outbox. :-)
I chose "Send later", had a brief look at it and then I deleted it.

> > OTOH, in Anne's reply the 0xA0 was replaced by a '?' (question
> > mark).
> Not surprising since the multi-part is advertised as ISO-8859-15, as
> said above.

Hmm, KMail 1.9.10 also uses iso-8859-15 for the reply. Still the 0xA0 
remains intact in my test reply. So it's probably a problem (?) of 
KMail 1.11.

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