[kdepim-users] Character encoding in KMail

phep phep-lists at teletopie.net
Sat Feb 7 19:52:07 GMT 2009

Daniel Vérité a écrit :
> 	 phep writes
>> By the way, the presence of U+00A0 at this place is quite
>> inconsistent with the fact that the message part it
>> appears into is advertised as ISO-8859-15.
> Actually, the non-breaking space encoded as 0xA0 is valid in all 
> ISO-8859 variants.

Daniel, you're perfectly right. More than that, I should have noticed
that as the content-type of Kishore's message is ISO-8859-15
quoted-printable, =A0 cannot be some sort of UTF-8 since U+00A0 is
2-byte long in UTF-8 (so =C2=A0 in QP):-/

Hence this =A0 character is finally perfectly legal in Kishore's
message, although still quite unexpected since it did not appear in
Anne's original message.

The "?" in Anne's reply is yet always explainable since it appears in a
us-ascii 7 bit part, which cannot encode characters above 0x7F.

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