[kdepim-users] Getting rid of Group Header

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 17 19:39:36 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 17 February 2009 13:46:41 Kishore wrote:
> > We know that the new configuration stuff is a) a bit too complex and b)
> > not where it should have been. We wanted to do something about it
> > before KDE 4.2, but we ran out of time. Sorry.
> I have no argument with regard to what is to be default. I know that the
> current default doe snot suit me but i'd rather that the defaults be
> directed by the usability guys. The other part is with easy configuration.
> I completely agree that it would have had been better to have the settings
> in the "configure kmail" but the problem here i see is that it seems that
> the configuration is perhaps per folder which is nice but complicates the
> whole thing.
> One possible solution could be that the configuration is indeed in
> "configure kmail"  where one can configure all available themes and
> aggregation methods etc. Also there is a setting for what the default
> aggregation mode and theme for each folder. The folder settings can then
> override the global settings and choose another aggregation method and
> theme (but cannot configure them).
> That is the way it is now done with templates i guess. Most people would
> not have to change the per folder settings when they want the same look for
> all folders.
> Personally, i have always found it awkward trying to guide people w.r.t.
> finding those drop down menus next to the search bar but that's probably
> just me. :)

For me there are only two issues - can what I want be achieved by 
configuration, and can I find where to configure them.  The first is met 
fully.  The second is more difficult.  I know there is a strong feeling that 
you can put too many things into one configuration menu.  I'm not 
particularly upset by the current method per se.  The problem is probably 
that those icons are not easily recognisable, and our past experience has 
given us nothing on which to base expectations.  Then there is the language 
on the Groups tab - it's sheer guesswork, to me, what each of those means.

I don't think there is a perfect answer to these problems, but possibly, when 
major changes like this happen, the best answer would be an extra document in 
the Help menu, telling us what the new options are, what the new language 
actually means in practice, and where the options can be configured.

I guess we're back again to all the effort going into trying to improve the 
product and no time left to think about documenting it.

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