[kdepim-users] Cumulative problem?

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Mon Feb 16 21:15:40 GMT 2009

On Monday 16 February 2009 03:35:06 am Anne Wilson wrote:
> When I start reading in kmail my outward messages go quite quickly.  After
> a while I start to get delays.  I tend to leave kmail open all the time,
> and after a few hours the delays can get to 15 seconds, during which I
> can't even read another mail while waiting for the outward message to
> depart.
> I'm beginning to wonder if there is some sort of leak involved.  Comments?

I have been watching memory leaks on various bits of KDE and applications over 
many versions now.  I find it useful here to have KDE System Guard running on 
another desktop,  minimized,  and when you switch to the process table tab 
and click on the VmSize column twice,  it'll list the processes in terms of 
who's using the most RAM in descending order,  with the biggest ones on the 
top of the list.

I'm experiencing a problem from time to time lately where I'll select a 
different folder and the other panes continue to display what I had been 
seeing on the folder I just "left",  with this only getting fixed by 
switching folders again a couple of times,  first to another one and then 
again to the one I wanted,  nothing else seems to help.

Then yesterday I made a minor configuration change,  adding something from the 
Configure Toolbars menu selection,  and then one of my keyboard shortcuts 
wouldn't work any more -- and continued not to work until I shut the program 
down and restarted it.

I too leave kmail open all the time,  and leave KDE up and running all the 
time,  and I had been in the habit of leaving all of my usual applications up 
and running,  but I'm finding all too often that the memory leaks get out of 
hand after a while,  and the sanity of the programs degrades,  to the point 
where I need to shut them down and restart them.  I've gotten out of the 
habit of leaving my copy of firefox open,  too,  it ends up with certain web 
pages getting an absurdly high memory usage,  until I shut it down.  Even 
shutting it down and restoring the same exact session results in a much 
smaller memory footprint for some reason.

I don't know the design issues involved with this stuff,  but there's 
obviously something very wrong here.

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