[kdepim-users] Cumulative problem?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 14:02:43 GMT 2009

>> > I don't know the design issues involved with this stuff,  but there's
>> > obviously something very wrong here.
>> True, true. Pity, especially because initially my standard KDE4 session has
>> lower RAM footprint than KDE3 version of the same session.
> Firefox first - II've started using Konqueror whenever possible, so that I can
> work in long, multi-tab sessions without these problems.  FF has given me this
> sort of problem from time to time throughout its development.  I know there
> are some sites that Konqueror can't render well enough, but that's a small
> trade-off for me - I can still use FF when absolutely necessary.
> OK, that's the OT: bit out of the way.
> Thanks to some off-list advice I've done quite a bit of monitoring with htop.
> Over and over I saw X and kwin using almost 40% cpu between them, this at a
> very normal, lightish load.
> I mentioned yesterday that I had changed the Desktop Effects backend from
> OpenGL to XRender.  The improvement was immediate, and startling.  I still
> want another day or two to be absolutely certain, but it looks as though most
> of the performance problems have gone.  KMail doesn't take those long pauses
> any more.  X and kwin still top the list of cpu users, but they now take
> 10-12% cpu between them.
> I know that other people may have quite different factors, but in the light of
> my experience this is something that  is definitely worth checking out.

Anne, please file a bug with the steps to reproduce. I will then try
to reproduce locally. Even if we don't have all the info yet, this
really needs to be looked at in the proper fashion.

Dotan Cohen


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