[kdepim-users] Character encoding in KMail

phep phep-lists at teletopie.net
Tue Feb 3 11:59:41 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson a écrit :
> A new development for me is that when I reply to some messages I get a warning 
> about characters that can not be displayed, and asked whether to drop the 
> characters or change the encoding.  I have looked over the messages in 
> question and don't see anything unusual about them.  Can anyone tell me more 
> about this?
> I can see the use where there are obvious character problems, even though I 
> can't recognise the problem with regard to Kishore's messages to 
> kde at mail.kde.org which is where the problem is now showing up.

This probably happens when you reply to messages which are in a
different encoding from your's and you quote all or part of them.

E.g. you receive a ISO-8859-X encoded message and you reply to it with
your default UTF-8. What KMail asks you then is probably what to do
whith the non-ascci characters of the quoted message : convert them to
UTF-8 so that your message shall keep coherent (albeit converting the
original quoted charcaters) or else ... not displaying those non-ascii
ISO-8859-X characters since there can't be, logically, 2 distinct
charsets in the same piece of code !

Note that this is just a guess, Ingo will probably correct ;-)


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