[kdepim-users] Importing rather than moving mail?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 19 10:42:28 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 February 2009 23:04:01 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2009, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I've had an exchange today with a guy who wanted to move his mail
> > from  distro that must be 2-3 years old - back in the days when the
> > defult destination was ~/Mail - to a current distro with KDE 4.  I'm
> > not sure I've got the sequence of events right, but he tried copying
> > the mail to the new destination, and he tried importing it.  He ended
> > up with an odd display in the folder list panel, and nothing in the
> > message list or message preview panels.  Eventually he set about
> > removing kmail altogether to get a clean start.
> >
> > In the end he did manage to import the mail, so he's puzzled, but
> > satisfied. Meanwhile, I've not heard of this before.  Are there some
> > circumstances where just copying your mail folders to the new
> > destination won't work?  I don't want to be giving bad advice on
> > this.
> I think it should work. Instead of copying the mail folders to the new
> destination under ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail he could have simply changed
> the folders entry in the [General] section in kmailrc to
> folders=$HOME/Mail
> FWIW, my mail is still in $HOME/Mail.
I've just heard from the user that he had to adjust some permissions to get 
the import to work.  It looks as though his copy may have failed due to bad 
perms, and the import routine made him aware of the cause of the problem.  
That's pretty good. :-)

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