[kdepim-users] Mark messages as replied to ?

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Feb 2 04:05:44 GMT 2009

On Monday 02 February 2009 14:55:54 Kishore wrote:
> On Monday 02 Feb 2009 7:04:22 am Peter wrote:
> > When KMail sends an email that has been replied to, it shows the blue
> > small arrow, to indicate a reply has been sent.
> >
> > On some occassions, the blue arrow does not show, even though the email
> > has been replied to. Would be good to have this as a 'manual' function,
> > in the event of KMail not flagging it properly.
> I would personally not consider that a good approach. It's a bug if it is
> not marked as such and that should be fixed.

How would I trace the bug I wonder ?  There were several not marked for one 

> That said I *think* kmail does not identify it when a reply has been sent
> from elsewhere. Particularly with [d]imap. If a mail has been replied to
> using say, a web client, i wonder if kmail has any mechanism to discover
> this and mark it accordingly.

All my replies are sent from KMail. Or, do you mean when the email is sourced 
from imap or a web client ?

Just for interest sake, where is the 'reply flag' stored ?



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