[kdepim-users] Cumulative problem?

Bud Rogers budr at netride.net
Thu Feb 19 23:35:19 GMT 2009

On Thursday 19 February 2009 14:29:02 Anne Wilson wrote:
> It doesn't sound as though that's the right cure for you.  Have you tried
> the accel-method, as described in http://userbase.kde.org/GPU-
> Performance#Desktop_Effects_causes_random_freezes ?

Hadn't seen that.  I just tried it, and I can't tell that it help performance 
any.  Glxgears a little over 600 FPS.  I was getting around 1050 on this box 
running Hardy.  Haven't managed to find the right combination since I upgraded, 
and I don't remember how I had it set up before.

Bud Rogers
budr at netride.net

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