[kdepim-users] Accessing Kmail when adding a New Contact

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Aug 13 09:47:23 BST 2009

On Wednesday 12 August 2009 22:28:07 r bartlett wrote:
> Thank you for the advice.  I'm guessing 4.2 will be the way to go.
> Another question...do you know if newer versions of Kmail/Kontact will
> allow you to access the windows beneath when adding a Contact?
> I'm not sure how to describe this but it's often very convenient to have
> the Kmail message window open and available when I'm adding a Contact into
> the Addressbook.  However, to get to the addressbook I of course open it,
> and to add a new card I open that window too.  Each of those windows forces
> themselves to be on top of the original Kontact one, meaning that I have to
> slide the windows around to get back to a Kmail message which may (for
> example) have a cellphone number in it or something.  It would be nice if
> the windows all were independent of each other so that I could layer them
> properly and return focus to the "New Card" window once I'd gotten the info
> I was looking for elsewhere.
Friendly hint - top-posting is frowned upon in mailing lists, as people often 
see a thread in the archives, so entering part-way through a conversation.  
The natural need is to read from the top of the page downwards ;-)

I get around the problem you describe by simply having my windows cover about 
80% of the screen space.  That's ample to see the whole of the 80-or-so-
characters in a message, yet allow enough space to offset windows to make 
access easy.

Another hint you may find useful - you can set a window positions so that it 
always opens where you want it - IOW, your mail folder list would always show 
to the left of your contact entry page.  Set up your windows the way you want 
to see them.  Right-click on the title-bar of a window, > Advanced > Special 
Window Settings.  Enable the Geometry buttons telling them to remember the 
size and position.

This is in KDE4, but I think you could do it in KDE3 as well.

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