[kdepim-users] Can't sync Tungsten T2 with Kontact using Kpilot

Daniel Migneault daniel.migneault at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 16:06:08 BST 2009


I recently bought a used Palm Tungsten T2 and cannot get it to sync with
Kpilot on Fedora 11.

At first, I only got error messages that said there was no /dev/pilot.

After some reading, I added this udev rule:

   ATTRS{idVendor}=="0830", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0060", SYMLINK="pilot",

This identifies the T2 from its vendor and product attributes and creates a
nice /dev/pilot link with permissions that should let me use it. I should
add I tried changing the owner:group to no avail.

Now, I get these messages when I sync (from the kpilot log):

   Version: KPilot 5.3.0 (KDE 4.3.0)
   Version: pilot-link 0.12.3
   Version: KDE 4.3.00 (KDE 4.3.0)
   Version: Qt 4.5.2

   HotSync Log

   09:50:17 Starting the KPilot daemon ...
   09:50:17 Daemon started.
   09:50:17 Daemon status is `.kde.kpilot.daemon was not provided by any
.service files'
   09:50:20 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
   09:50:20 Cannot open Pilot port: [/dev/usbdev2.2_ep89].
   09:50:25 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
   09:50:25 Cannot open Pilot port: [/dev/usbdev2.2_ep89].

This point is where it goes over my head so here I am asking fior help. I
don't know if I'm in the right place to ask, but any pointers you can
provide will be appreciated. I will of course provide any relevant
information I may have forgotten.


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