[kdepim-users] fancy headers

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Mon Aug 17 09:20:27 BST 2009

On Monday 17 August 2009 03:12:12 am Gary C Curtin wrote:
> On Monday 17 August 2009 8:52:43 Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> > I guess I have "NO idea" of what you are really talking about doing!  
> > have that setting (view, etc.) selected and ALL of my messages show 
> > with (would you guess it?) "Fancy Headers"!  Even when I look at old
> > ("archived" in folders) messages, they will have the headers that I 
> > most-recently specified.  That is precisely what I would expect to be
> > meant by "setting it to default".
> > 
> > You must have something else in mind, but I cannot guess what!  If 
> > mean that you want to impose your preferences upon the people and 
> > with whom you correspond -- YOUR style of headers on the messages 
> > receive from you -- that simply is not an option.  They (properly) 
> > the right to decide, within the limits of their respective mail-
> > capacities, how they want THEIR headers to appear.
> The setting does not remain with me. If I open a message and set the 
header to 
> fancy then close the message, it reverts to the default setting. I 
think the 
> term used is non-persistant. I went through all the possible settings 
> Kontact and could not find anywhere to set this permanently.
> My installation is from the opensuse KDE 4 factory repository, so 
maybe it is 
> broken somehow. I remember back in 3.x versions of KDE it was fine, but 
> had this problem in more recent KDE 4.x versions.
> So with a bit of trial and error, I worked it out, now with the date.
> For the fancy headers, the two lines in /.kde4/share/config/kmailrc 
should be:
> [Reader]
> header-set-displayed=rich
> header-style=standard
> Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for the input Bruce.
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Hello, Gary --

You have now specified something that I, myself, simply would NOT do.  
Let me cite the specific distinction.  You said that you began by opening 
a message -- and THEN change the setting.  I do NOT do that.  Instead, I 
simply change the setting.  This is NOT a "per-message" setting at all; 
it IS a "persistent" setting, and it should be treated accordingly.

On the other hand, if you are getting the results that you want in some 
other way, and if the other method does not create its own package of 
problems for you(!), then don't mess with your setting needlessly!!!  I 
really hope that things work as you want them to!

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