[kdepim-users] 20090807KP -- "Emergency" -- Lost File!!!

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Aug 11 19:59:12 BST 2009

On Friday 07 August 2009, Bruce MacArthur wrote:
> Greetings --
> I was on Kubuntu Jaunty, and editing an HTML file, using Kate.  A
> friend telephoned me with a question that required me to use
> VirtualBox --> Windows XP Pro --> Libronix (a Bible study application
> system).  I saved my work in Kate (as I frequently do anyway!) before
> I went to VirtualBox.  I needed to consult with another friend, and
> so left my computer for ten minutes or so.
> When I returned, my monitor was dark.  Usually this simply means that
> the screen-saver is working.  However, I was entirely unable to
> recover the display!  Although we have been having "electrical
> storms" in the past few days, there was no such problem in the area,
> and no other evidence of a power outage anywhere in the house.  In a
> few moments, seeing few alternatives, I powered the entire computer
> down brutally, and then rebooted.  When I opened the file that I had
> been editing in Kate, several VERY extensive pages of physical
> printed matter (that I had previously entered -- and then saved,
> incrementally, several times) were no longer to be seen -- either via
> Konquorer or via Kate!!!
> Can anyone give me detailed directions for recovering a more-complete
> version of my HTML file under these peculiar circumstances?

Kate is not a KDE PIM application and as such the above is off-topic for 
this list. Anyway, if you didn't find the file resp. its content then 
I'm afraid there's little we can help you with. Sorry.

> =====
> Slightly off-topic for this list is another issue

Even more off-topic than the above issue? Actually, this other issue is 
much less off-topic since it involves KMail. :-)

> that someone might 
> be able and willing to clarify for me.  When I shut-down Jaunty
> ("gracefully"!), I am given a 30-second warning.  I usually click on
> it.  Then a message is displayed to the effect that KMail needs the
> password for KWallet.  If this were when I am starting-up, this would
> be expected -- but it happens during SHUT-DOWN!!!  One person
> suggested that I delete KWallet, and I like the idea of doing so. 
> But I do not yet see HOW to do so.  Can someone instruct me in this
> rather basic task?

I think this problem has been solved in another thread.

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