[kdepim-users] How do I turn off automatic compaction but still allow manual?

David Mills djmills at netspace.net.au
Wed Aug 5 01:59:51 BST 2009


I used to have kontact and kmail that came with kde 3.5.9.  I'm sure that 
there was an option to turn on/off automatic periodic compaction for all 

I have just upgraded to kde 4.2.4.  Kmail now hangs for long periods of time 
and chews through 100% CPU.  I can only suspect it was doing compaction.  It 
seemed to be doing it several times a day.

I have a lot of folders with a lot of email so this process was 
taking a lot of time and chewing through most of my computer's resources.  At 
one point the kmail process got to 6 GB of memory used and I wasn't able to do 
much else with the computer.

I cannot find a way to turn off automatic compaction with this new version - 
so I have set "Compactable=false" for all my folders in the kmailrc file.  
This seems to have fixed the issue of kmail using 100% CPU for long periods of 
time.  But now I am unable to compact folders even manually.

How can I get manual operating but not automatic?  Or even better, automatic 
only to operate on a few select folders (i.e. the ones I use most)?

I'm using kontact, kmail etc from the 4.2.4 release for openSUSE 11.0.




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