[kdepim-users] Reminders in KOrganizer

Louis Hinman lou at manhattanhandyman.com
Sun Aug 23 23:58:38 BST 2009

On Sunday 23 August 2009 03:23:34 pm Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Sunday 23 August 2009, Louis Hinman wrote:
> > I am running KMail 1.9.10 in KDE 3.5.10, which is standard in
> > Slackware 12.2. (I hear that the next release of Slackware will have
> > KDE 4.*.)
> >
> > I find a number of things in my version of KOrganizer (admittedly an
> > older one) that don't seem to work exactly as described in the
> > KOrganizer Handbook.
> >
> > Not all of these disparities are mission-critical, but here's one
> > that is.  I can't get the Reminders for Events to work.  In the New
> > Event dialogue, I give the Event a Title and a Start and End time.
> > All that works as expected. However, if I check the Reminder box and
> > specify the number of Hours, Minutes, or Days before the Event and
> > click Okay, I *do not* get reminded. (If I open the Event and then
> > the Advanced Reminder dialogue, I see the reminder recorded exactly
> > as I have entered it.)  I've read through the KOrganizer Handbook,
> > and I don't see anything that could be doing wrong.
> >
> > Can someone advise me?
> The reminders are performed by the KOrganizer Reminder Daemon (korgac)
> which should be started when you start KOrganizer and, unless you
> disabled the reminder daemon, also when you start KDE. The daemon is
> accessible via an icon in the system tray.
> If you do not get any reminders then the reminder daemon is probably not
> running. Try to start it manually from Konsole by entering 'korgac'.
> Regards,
> Ingo

Thanks for your reponse, Ingo.

I do have the KOrganizer Reminder Daemon in my System Tray, and it 
had "Reminders Enabled" checked.  However, it did *not* have "Start Daemon at 
Login" checked.So, I checked it, logged out and logged back in again.

I have an appointment tomorrow, and I had set the reminder for 2 days.  I 
assume that I should see a reminder for this appointment when I launch 
KOrganizer.  However, I do not.  (I am assuming the Reminder what be in the 
form of a pop-up window.)

In the Konsole, I executed "korgac", and checked ps to confirm that it was 
running.  However, I still do not see any reminders! 

Thanks & Best Regards
New York City

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