[kdepim-users] Syncing with Horde?

Eric A. Boney mailinglists at vanhlebarsoftware.com
Thu Aug 27 02:02:42 BST 2009

Does anyone know of a plugin that allows users to sync calendar/contacts/tasks 
from a Horde database into/from Kontact? Currently there are no good sync 
utilities to go from a Windows Mobile device to a linux computer. SyncML works 
great at syncing the data into a Horde  backend, but then it doesn't appear 
that there are any plugins to get this data from Horde to Kontact.

Since Horde is fairly stable at this point I was hoping maybe there was 
something available or maybe someone might be working on it? :)

If not does anyone have any idea how difficult a project like this might be?

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