[kdepim-users] What files should I backup?

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On Wednesday 19 August 2009 14:03:13 Gary C Curtin wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 August 2009 1:38:21 r bartlett wrote:
> >  it is .kde/ not .kde4/ so I'm guessing I will have to do some file
> >  editing.  I will see how things go and, again, I really appreciate the
> >  help.  If I keep my whole .kde/ directory will that cause problems?
> >  Should I at least rename it to .kde4/ beforehand or something like that?
> You may want to check with one of the KDE lists. Simply renaming a
> directory will probably just cause problems.

Do you have to go the upgrade path?  So much has changed between 8 and 11 that 
I can almost guarantee that it will take at least a week to get everything 
working again, and even then you may be left with unexplained glitches.  I 
would recommend copying the whole of your /home to external storage.  If 
possible also copy your /etc.

When you've done that, wipe all the dot files and folders, preferrably while 
running from a live CD, keeping just your data and do a clean install.  With 
your external storage attached it will be easy to copy back essential configs.  
Always open both the old and the new config and check for similarity.  My 
preference, when I do that, is to rename the newly installed one to 
foobar.orig then copy the old one over.  If it causes any problems you still 
have the original one.

I did it this way, although it wasn't such a big jump as you intend.  I had a 
working install in a couple of hours, and I found one or two things I'd missed 
over the next 2-3 days.  None of it was a big deal, due to those backup files.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the help, too, Anne.  This is useful too.

Would it be possible, perhaps at some point, to have a tool whereby one might choose from a pulldown bar of supported Fedora installs and this list is generated automatically?  I'm not really a computer person so the thought of 2-3 hours, plus days of tinkering, each upgrade is pretty scary.  (Not saying it isn't necessary!)  And of course, not being a computer person, I can probably multiply the time needed by a factor of 3.  :-)

In any case, a tool or feature within Kmail that assists with smoothly upgrading would be fantastic.  And perhaps a "Backup/Restore" option?  I'm sure the process isn't too hard for someone who is used to Kmail and who likes computers, but I wouldn't mind having some sort of "easy button" to push.  

That said, I'm going to dig in, start some backing up, and upgrade.  Will be fun to see Fedora 11 and I'm really appreciative of everyone's help.

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