[kdepim-users] No akonadi collections in kpilot

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Sun Aug 30 20:12:30 BST 2009


after solved problems with getting akonadi running (see thread "akonadi 
error 10" if your interested in the  background) I now run into problems 
with kpilot.

I wan't to sync my Palm Treo 680 with kontact (mainly adresses and 
contacts), but kpilot tells me in the settings dialog for calender (and 
others) that there are no akonadi collections chosen. The window on top 
of the settings dialog shows an empty list, so I cannot change this.

How can I get akonadi collections? I the usage of kpilot the right way 
to sync with kontact? msynctool works, but has some problems with 
charset, meetings longer than one day, categories and other extra data ...

I would appreciate any help!

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