[kdepim-users] Identities in Kmail

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 11:55:29 BST 2008

Tuesday 16 Sep 2008 11:29:53 に David Jarvie さんは書きました:
> >> So, in the end, the sad truth is that it doesn't matter whether we
> listen to our users or not because we simply do not have enough
> resources to care. Okay, that's a bit too pessimistic. We do listen to
> you and we do care, but still we can't do much about it. Unfortunately,
> email clients aren't sexy anymore (if they ever were).
> > "Sad" is not nearly a strong enough word. "Cop-out" comes to mind.
> Don't you realise that KMail is developed mostly in people's spare time,
> for no money? So anything you get is really a bonus. The developers do
> take users' views into account when deciding which new features take
> priority, but their time is very limited. If KMail doesn't provide what
> you want, the answer in free software is simple: add the feature yourself.
> If you don't have the technical knowledge to do this, then either find
> somebody who has the time to do it, or pay somebody to do it. You didn't
> pay for the software, so nobody has a _duty_ to provide the features you
> want.

What I fail to understand is why, if KMail doesn't do what he wants, he 
doesn't just use a different email client.

There are things not in KMail that are in other clients, and that I would like 
to have.  But I love KMail.  And when I deserted - briefly ;-) - because I 
thought my very high opinion of KMail might be purely that it was much better 
and easier to use than AOL software - I soon came home with my tail between 
my legs.

KMail is closer to what I want than any other email client that I have tried.  
So I'll stick with it - that is until I am a good enough coder to write my 
own email client to my own specifications ;-).


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