[kdepim-users] korganizer tasks due-date time-associated problem

Beat Binotto bbinotto at 7isolutions.com
Fri Sep 5 17:09:14 BST 2008


Question to the todolist: when i create a new task, and I do NOT check 
"Time associated", the result in the kolab.xml is
somthing like: <due-date>2008-09-11T22:00:00Z</due-date>.

When i check "Time associated" and define a time, the result is: 
When I provide a kolab.xml from another source with 
<due-date>2008-09-11T22:00:00Z</due-date>, the result is: "time 
associated" checked and 00:00.

Isn't that a bug?

I compared all other xml tags and email headers, they are all the same. 
I even don't know how Kontact stores the information wether a time is 
associated or not.

When i check a task created by Kontact (with a not-checked "time 
associated") in Outlook with a Konsec Outlook Connector, the same Task 
shows up but with a difference in the due date of 1 day!

This might have somthing to do with UTC/Time Conversation.

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