[kdepim-users] distribution lists missing after upgrade to KDE 3.5.10

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 15:23:11 BST 2008

David Jarvie wrote:
> On Tuesday 2 September 2008 14:03, O. Sinclair wrote:
>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>> Tried to submit a bug at bugs.kde.org and after choosing KDE 3.5.10 and
>> Ubuntu distro I get this message:
>> "You are not using a recent KDE version. Since your bug is likely to be
>> fixed already in more recent versions of KDE you can no longer submit
>> bugs against your version of KDE. If possible, please update your KDE
>> version and see whether the problem persists. If it does, please
>> re-submit your bug with the new KDE version."...
> It certainly shouldn't happen like that. It may be that it's doing a
> string comparison to check whether it's an old version, and that it thinks
> the release order is
>    3.5.1
>    3.5.10
>    3.5.2
>    etc.
> Please submit a bug report to bugs.kde.org about this. Choose
> 'bugs.kde.org' as the product/application to file the bug against.
you are correct, I can file if I state 3.5.9... so I filed a bug against
www.kde.org (there is no option bugs.kde.org that I can find).

Now on to the real problem of missing distibution lists... I guess I
file as 3.5.9

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