[kdepim-users] separate instances of Thunderbird or Kmail

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 12:34:00 BST 2008

(``-_-´´) -- Fernando wrote:
> Olá Sinclair e a todos.
> On Wednesday 30 July 2008 11:58:27 O. Sinclair wrote:
>> I have a feeling this might have been discussed before but here goes:
>> I run both Kontact/Kmail and Thunderbird as mail clients, the reason
>> being that I use Kontact for all my business and also personal emailing.
>> Thunderbird I use for mailing-lists such as this. For me this works
>> better than "disturbing" my business with loads of mail that might or
>> might not be interesting to what I am doing at the moment. It is also a
>> support-issue, I have users that use one or the other.
>> So far so good. Now I have joined a mailinglist that has got to do with
>> trading mainly (bartering you might say) and I get flooded with mails
>> where maybe 1 of 10 is interesting. I dont want to go webmail for it
>> since I want to save the  interesting ones and not always have to be
>> online when I go through downloaded mails.
>> So I am looking for a way to run a second instance of Thunderbird or
>> Kmail that is totally separate and "unaware" of the "main" ones. I did
>> install Clawmail and I dont like it one bit but am using it
>> nevertheless. I tried Mailody but it does not seem to store retrieved
>> mails offline so is useless to me.
>> Anyone has ideas of how to achieve this. And please do not suggest Mutt
>> or other cli - clients, I am far too gui-oriented.
>> Regards,
>> Sinclair
> Maybe i dont get you, but what is the warm of having on more account in KMail and download those emails to a separate folder?
> U can even just download from the only account you want.
> Doesnt that do what u need?
300 email every now and then, sometimes on dial-up, and I just get 
hooked to reading them. So it is about ME, not Kontact.... that I prefer 
way over Thunderbird or others.

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