[kdepim-users] Corruption in kmail file

Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Fri Jul 18 13:18:35 BST 2008

On Friday 18 July 2008 at 7:02 am, Jim Hitch penned
about "[kdepim-users] Corruption in kmail file"

> Hi
> I know this happens and has happened to me before, but can't remember the 
> solution:
> Am beginning to lose some of my emails as some have turned to 'unknown', which 
> file is it that I need to delete/replace?


Shutdown kmail and `cd $HOME/.kde/share/apps'

o Backup kmail:

       cp -rad kmail kmail.BU

o `cd kmail' and delete all the index files:

   find . -name '\.*index*' | xargs rm -rf

o Restart kmail

If all is good, delete the `kmail.BU' directory.

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